About Me

I am a writer, scholar and researcher. At present, I am a Research Fellow at the Lowy Institute and Visiting Fellow at the Social Policy Research Centre at the University of New South Wales. My career has spanned from academia to the policy world and beyond.

Coming from a scholarly and policy background but with a passion for art and culture, I bring to my work the best of both worlds: rigorous analysis and high attention to detail. My work is multidisciplinary: I am interested in the intersections of art, development studies, political science and sociology, and this is reflective of my education, work experience and skills set.

I have written and researched extensively about civil society, non-governmental organisations, development, policy, public health, migration and, art and museums. Problem-driven and policy relevant, my research speaks to practitioners, academics and the general public. Being bi-lingual in Chinese and English has given me the opportunity to present my work and engage with a broader audience. While my expertise in China is widely recognised, my work is comparative and international in scope.