Policy & Consulting

Targeting a broad range of stakeholders, my policy outreach activities seeks to inform policymaking and implementation in two principal ways. First, by showing how my existing research can assist and improve policy. Second, by using emergent policy challenges to shape new research projects with the aim to generate realistic actionable recommendations for change. I draw upon my expertise to advise a variety of organisations whether non-profit, non-governmental or government departments.

Some examples include:

Australian Youth Mentoring Network
My work with the Australian Youth Mentoring Network involved writing quarterly research articles to highlight current research and practices in mentoring. By spotlighting global best practices, these were used to inform youth mentoring policies across Australia.

China Matters
My work with China Matters as a research policy analyst involved research, writing and presentations relating to Australia-China relations. I have delivered presentations and training to the Attorney-General’s Department and related organisations.

Global Affairs, Canada
I have presented my research on Chinese NGOs to the Global Affairs, Canada, to assist foreign policy experts in their assessment of Chinese civil society and Canadian engagement policies with China.

UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office
My research expertise has informed the UK government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) on the nature and complicated situation for civil society, human rights, and NGO development in China.

Oxford Analytica
I am an occasional contributor to Oxford Analytica’s morning briefings. I have contributed to their policy briefs on matters related to Chinese civil society, Overseas NGO Law and China’s development aid in Southeast Asia.